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From Unapologetic Posse Member Julieanne Combest: A Little UNAPOLOGETIC ADVICE

How to dress for your shape: are you human-shaped? play up your confidence and natural sex appeal by wearing whatever the f*ck you want.

Life Tip: As the weather gets warmer, continue to wear whatever the f*ck you want. Flaunt everything or keep it cool under cover. Dress to make yourself feel rad.

How to get a bikini body:put a bikini on your body

Want sexy own-the-beach summer legs? shave, or don’t because they’re your f*cking legs.


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Too Fat For Fun: How Screwed Up Body Images Keep Us From Enjoying Life

 Often saying “I’m not going to do so-and-so until I look this certain way” really means, “I’m never doing that at all because I don’t deserve it.”  Great Article about loving ourselves enough to do what we want to do with our lives, in the bodies we have NOW!  Super cool!  Click on the link!

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Every Body Is A Beach Body

I just discovered an AMAZING BLOGGER! Fashion Blogger Gabi Greg is STUNNING and FLY! She is my new FAVORITE! I love her blog on Beach Bodies! As we step into summer, let’s step into UNAPOLOGETIC SELF LOVE and FEEL GOOD in our bodies! Remember EVERY BODY DESERVES THE LIGHT OF SELF LOVE! Click the link and fall in LOVE with Gabi and her unapologetic style!

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